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New Student Furniture Installed at Remsen Jr./Sr. High School!

group photo of studentsThis week, the new student furniture made possible through the ARP Grant, was delivered to the jr./sr. high school. Thanks to our students, staff and parent volunteers and our custodial team, we were able to successfully remove all of the old student furniture and replace it with new student desks and seating for all classrooms and the cafeteria. The new desks offer the flexibility to be placed individually, in pods, or paired together as tables of two, three, or more. The new chairs provide comfort, flexibility, and space for our students to work and learn. In the cafeteria we replaced all of the old chairs and added in some high top tables to offer our students another seating option during lunch. It looks amazing. Students and staff alike are very excited. It was extraordinary to see our students, volunteers, and custodians working together to make it all happen.
A sincere thank you to our custodial team and to all of our volunteers listed below. Without them, this major undertaking would not have been possible! In addition, the cost saved by installing all of the new furniture ourselves, allowed us to allocate that grant money towards the purchase of the new elementary student furniture.
Student Volunteers
En Xi Guo
Ava Russo
Zoey Coe
Kayla Finn
Sage Kerr
Malik Pett
Brian Secor
Marta Plaza Cos
Regan Meeker
Ben Becker
Zachary Helmer
Tyler Stevens
Zach Geer
Hayden White
Joshua Kuiken
Austin Jones
Alexis Stevens
Joshua Meeker
Spencer Anderson
Jase Kinsley
Lucas Linke
Adam Woolheater
Oliver Burns
Ellie Secor
Kailyn Helmer
Owen Piaschyk
Ean Piaschyk
Custodial Staff and Staff/Parent Volunteers
Mr. Roberts
Mr. Buhite
Mr. Griswold
Mr. Casey
Mr. Dolly
Mr. Prosser
Mr. McKeown
Mr. Winghart
Ms. Pelrah
Ms. Johnson
Ms. Hajdasz
Mr. Bunker
Mrs. Secor
Officer Smith
Mrs. Piaschyk
Mr. Piaschyk
Mr. Jenny
Ms. Gecci
Mr. O'Bryan
Mr. Jones
Ms. DiNitto
In several weeks, we will be preparing to replace all of the student furniture at the elementary school! RCS is the place to be! We will also be working to determine the best way to provide the old furniture to organizations and/or individuals that may be able to use it and/or recycle it.
Thank you again to everyone that played a part in making this happen for our students. You are appreciated!
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