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Compassion Coalition Providing Healthy Snacks for Elementary Students

Snack Station Snacks are an important part of the school day for elementary students who use them as fuel for their growing minds and bodies.

Last year, elementary teacher assistant Ms. Woolheater started a “Take a Snack, Leave a Snack” station in the intermediate wing of the elementary school. The stand, intended to give students other options if they don’t like the snacks they brought from home, was a huge hit with students. Students were able to leave a snack they already had and take a new, healthy snack of their choice from the basket.

“I would put out about 10 snacks each day last year, and within half an hour they’d all be gone,” said Ms. Woolheater.

This year the initiative has expanded with a second snack exchange station being added in the primary wing and a basket for students in need located in the school nurse’s office.

Also new this year, Compassion Coalition will be donating 100 percent of the snacks, which will include a rotating assortment of items like granola bars and fresh produce. Compassion Coalition is an entrepreneurial-based, innovative nonprofit focused on community-based giving and meeting community needs as they arise.

Remsen Elementary and Ms. Woolheater would like to thank Director of Agency Relations Rachel Daughtry and Compassion Coalition for their generous donation!