• Hello,

    My name is Mr. Gallo and I have been proudly teaching science in Remsen since January of 2000. I love science and I fully embrace being a nerd. The success of my students is extremely important to me in my classes and their lives.

    This school year is going to be unique because of the accomodations required due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lets try to make the best of it by remaining positive and putting in 100% in whatever we do. I am looking forward to helping all of you meet your potential in whatever way I can.

    If you are a Fully Remote student I will be emailing you lessons and posting plans on Google Classroom. Please contact me by phone or email if you need anything. I am here for you.

    The link to join my Zoom meeting is posted here:

    Gallo Zoom Link

    Please feel free to contact me:

    email: rgallo@remsencsd.org

    phone: (315) 205-4300 extension 5311

    All grades are on SchoolTool. They are updated weekly. Please click here to access SchoolTool (Parent Portal). 

    Thank you for visiting my webpage.