• Me on Rocky

    Welcome to another great year at Remsen. This is a picture of me and my dog Finnbarr on top of Rocky Mountain this past summer.  He loves to hike and so do I.  On my homepage you will be able to find assignments and links to important pages. 

    This year will be a little different as I'm sure you can imagine.  To get things rolling, I would like to tell all the "A" students I will see you on Tuesday and I am very excited to be back with you in class once again.  To my "B" students I am also excited to see you back in class on Thursday.  As I don't want the "B" students to feel jealous of their "A" counterparts, I have uploaded some vocabulary words for you to look at.  If you are a sophomore, you will be looking at words related to The Crucible, and if you are a junior, you will be looking at words related to To Kill A Mockingbird. 


    Every day I will record the day's lesson and upload it to Youtube for students who were unable to attend that day.  You want to search under REMSONIAN.  (Notice this is not "Remsen" but "Remsonian.") I will tag the lesson with the date and the grade.  If you have any problems viewing it, or have any other questions at all, please contact me.  You may reach me at rhaynes@remsencsd.org or by cell phone at 315-794-6709.

      Let's have a great year!  See you in class.