Attendance Policies

  • Reporting to School

    Students may enter the school building on regular attendance days after 7:20 a.m. Students who report for breakfast (bus and/or other students) will report directly to the Cafeteria, and will remain there until the first bell.

    Student Attendance Policy

    The Board of Education in accordance with Section 104.1 (c) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education establishes a comprehensive attendance policy. The Board, administration and staff of the district recognize that consistent classroom attendance is an essential part of a successful educational program. There is a critical relationship between time that students are actively engaged in academic learning and student performance.

    Expectations for Good Attendance

    1. Students are expected to attend scheduled classes.
    2. Under New York State Education Law 3205, parents are responsible for the regular attendance of their children for instruction.

    If a Student is Tardy or Excused:

    Section 175.6 of the Commissioner’s regulations define the following as “excused absence/tardy”: personal illness, serious illness or death in family, impassable roads due to weather conditions, religious observance, quarantine, court appearances, attendance at health clinics, approved cooperative work programs, approved college visits, military obligation, Take Your Child to Work Day, disciplinary detention of an incarcerated youth or any other reason approved by the Commissioner. 

    All instances of excused absence/tardy require a written parent/ guardian excuse.

    The excuse must identify the date/time of absence, reason for absence, tardiness or early departure and parent/guardian signature. Students failing to present an excuse prior to absence or tardiness will be subject to progressive discipline as outlined in the “Remsen Central School Problem Behavior Chart”.

    If a Student is Unexcused:

    Most absences not mentioned previously are interpreted under the law as “unexcused absences” including but not limited to vacation, shopping, baby-sitting, oversleeping, needed at home, cold weather or missing the bus.

    Any reason not listed as excused shall be deemed unexcused unless the Building Principal determines otherwise. The two categories of unexcused absence/tardy are:

    1. Unlawful Detention: Unlawful detention occurs when the pupil is absent with the knowledge and consent of his/her parent/guardian for other that an excused absence/tardy.
    2. Truancy: A student who is absent from school without the consent of a parent/guardian for other than an excused absence/tardy.

    Responsibility for Good Attendance:

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    1. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their children attend school regularly and on time.
    2. When a student is absent or tardy from school, parents/guardians must provide appropriate written excuses.
    3. District may require a written doctor’s excuse after five (5) consecutive absences.
    4. Parents/Guardians must provide an explanation of the absence/tardy for their child to be turned into their teacher/attendance officer upon the student’s return/arrival to school.
    5. Parents are required to provide their current home address, telephone number, emergency number(s) and a list of adults to contact in the event of an emergency.

    Student Responsibilities:

    1. Students must attend school daily and be on time.
    2. Students must attend all classes and participate fully.
    3. Students are expected to make timely arrangements with their teachers to make up assignments and class work they have missed during their absences.


    Incentives for excellent attendance may be in place by the building principal.(perfect attendance award, etc.).  Full participation and attendance are a basic expectation of every student enrolled in the Remsen Central School District.

    Disciplinary Sanctions:

    When forms of intervention fail, nonacademic sanctions, including the loss of privileges (e.g., participation in extracurricular activities) may be imposed.

    Unexcused absences and tardiness may be the basis for disciplinary action according to “Remsen Central School Problem Behavior Chart” and the Superintendent’s progressive notification procedure for attendance that is prescribed for all District students/families enrolled in the District.

    Written notification to parents regarding unexcused student absences, tardiness or early departures, will include information that resource/support personnel are available.

    Tardiness to School

    Students are expected to be punctual to school and class at all times. Students who are tardy to school must immediately report to the Attendance Desk upon entering the building with a note signed by the parent/guardian explaining the reason for tardiness. The attendance monitor will electronically record the tardy and reason and issue a late pass. Students who are tardy will be subject to the behavioral intervention or disciplinary action according to the “Remsen Central School Problem Behavior Chart”.

    Each semester, progressive discipline will begin anew.

    A student who arrives at school after the start of third period is considered to be absent for one-half day in addition to being tardy.

    Leaving School Building

    A student who must leave school because of illness must report to the nurse or to the Principal. Students are NOT, under any circumstances, to leave school without such notification/permission. 

    If a student must be excused for part of the school day, he/she must present a written request, signed by the parent or guardian, to the nurse upon arrival at school. The request should specify: name, date, time to be excused, reason for leaving, means of travel from school, and a telephone number by which the above information may be confirmed (parent, doctor, dentist, etc.). Each note requesting approval for a student to be excused for part of a school day will be verified by calling parent, doctor, dentist, etc.

    Please make appointments, if at all possible, during school vacations or after school hours. Students being excused from school for part of the day must wait in their classroom until a parent arrives at the main office to pick them up, at which time they will be called to the office to sign-out.

    The school’s legal responsibility for the welfare of students prohibits us from honoring requests for students to leave school to run errands during school hours.

    A student excused from school early, due to illness, will not be permitted to participate or attend after school activities in that day.

    Leaving school without permission is considered truancy.

    Conferences with Teachers, Counselors, etc.

    Teachers are available for conferences with students and parents. Counselors are available during the school day as well as before and after school. Parents may make an appointment by calling the School Counselor’s Office - 315.205.4300.

    Teacher Request to Stay After School

    When a teacher requests a student to stay after school for academic intervention in several forms, it is expected that this request will be honored. If the student has been provided with at least one school day’s notice and fails to honor this request, further intervention or sanction at the reasonable discretion of the teacher may be assigned.