• Welcome to Social Studies 7 & 8 with Ms. Brockway!


    Contact Info:

    Remsen Junior-Senior High School: Room 204

    Email: nbrockway@remsencsd.org

    Phone: 315-205-5204


    Period 1: Social Studies 7

    Period 2: Social Studies 7

    Period 3: Plan

    Period 4: Social Studies 8

    Period 5: Tools for Academic Success (M.P. 1 & 2)/HS SS AIS (M.P. 3 & 4)

    Period 6: Lunch

    Period 7: Plan

    Period 8: Social Studies 8

    Period 9: Study Hall

    Class Materials:

    - 3-Ring Binder (Blue)

    - Binder Dividers 

    - Two-Pocket Folder (Blue - to be left in classroom)

    - Highlighter

    *Writing utensil(s) and agenda are expected to be brought to class daily


    Parent Portal Grades will be updated weekly in Parent Portal. If an assignment does not have a grade, it does not mean it is a zero. Ungraded assignments will be blank in the grade column, and will not affect the student's average. If the student has not turned in the assignment at the time of grading, the grade will show a zero (0), which will factor into the student's average. *Please note: Assignment dates in SchoolTool/Parent Portal are NOT accurate because of the hybrid schedule and handout numbering system.



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     "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." ~ Abraham Lincoln