About Curriculum

  • On these pages, you will find information about curriculum, including APPR, Common Core and more. If you have any questions, please contact the district.

    The Common Core Learning Standards: They May Not Be So “Commonly” Understood…

    • Common Core is not a particular curriculum.
    • It isn’t testing,
    • and it isn’t an evaluation tool for teachers. 

    Now that I’ve established what it isn’t, but what exactly is it?

    The “Common Core” are thoughtfully written, elegantly presented learning standards that America wants for all of its students, Pre-Kindergarten through grade twelve.  We’ve always had learning standards, but never before have they fit our children’s twenty-first century learning needs as well as they do under the relatively new “Common Core”.

    “Common Core” has had such bad press lately – I will call them “learning standards” from now on.  At Remsen we’re using the learning standards without being completely stymied by a host of powerhouse publishers and cumbersome curricula.  Those two things, in my opinion, are what have been the problem seeds in our recent “Common Core” discussions, press, and town hall meetings.  Learning standards is really a list of what kids should know and be able to do.

    Questions on the minds of parents can be answered, for the most part.  Satisfaction with how Remsen is implementing the learning standards may take a little more explanation and discussion.  That’s why, beginning in December, we’ll host monthly parent nights to focus on a discussion around the learning standards and school learning in general.

    Remsen is prepared to guide every student to be college and career ready using the learning standards.  We are excited to use them, but working every day to use challenges as opportunities to ensure that we don’t miss a beat when it comes to the energy we must put into a positive learning environment for our Remsen students, PK-12.  You can always talk with your teacher, your principal and me when you have questions.  I will respond with enthusiasm and optimism, but also candidly.  Is there any other way than to promote a positive energy around our most precious focus – Remsen kids?