• Important Links
    Buzz : Buzz is our learning management system we will be using throughout the year.  
    Zoom : Use this link to join the Zoom for class.  If you are in Geometry, Physics, or Calculus, you will be joining class daily.  Please use the link a few minutes before class starts.  I will admit students into the Zoom right before class starts. (If you join too early, don't be concerned that I am not admitting you, I am just teaching another class!)
    School Tool : Grades will be updated on School Tool on a weekly basis.  
    Contact Information
    E-mail: jglass@remsencsd.org
    Phone: (315) 205-5203
    1st Period: 8th Grade Science
    2nd Period: Physics
    3rd Period: Geometry
    4th Period: Calculus
    5th Period: Plan
    6th Period: Lunch
    7th Period: Physics Lab (Days 1, 3, 5)
    8th Period: Plan
    9th Period: Geometry
     "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
           -Benjamin Franklin
    Mr. Glass
    Remsen CSD
    Mathematics and Physics Teacher
    Varsity Softball Coach 
  • Required Materials
    • 2 inch Binder OR Folders - Since students will be unable to have lockers at the start of the school year, I am recomending students get a collection of folders.  That way they only need to bring 1 folder to class, and they will use a new one once we start a new unit.  Please refer to the class syllabus to see how many units there are for that class.
    • Blue/Black Pen or Pencil
    • Calculator - Required for Geometry, Calculus, and Physics.  Geometry can be any scientific calculator or a graphing calculator (TI-84).  Calculus and Physics should use a graphing calculator.  The school can provide you with a calculator if you choose not to purchase your own. 

              *Optional for Geometry - Compass



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    2. Click on your picture to display the application menu
    3. Click on the menu item 'Enroll in course'
    4. Enter the code 018#1m and click 'Verify code'
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