Superintendent's Message

  • Dear Parents and Caretakers,

    As I reflect on the last few months in the Remsen Central School District, I continue to be brought back to the relationships between our teachers and our students. This is something that is special and rare but is critical. 

    Remsen is a unique and proud community for so many reasons. In this small, rural school we believe in cornerstone relationships, in hard work and in honesty. We are passionate about our students, about their access to resources and about preparing them for the next steps in their lives when they leave our campus, whether continuing their education or pursuing a career. Keeping strong academics the centerpiece for Remsen will bring greater success. Our students and teachers are focused on academic achievement and growth in every area.

    The faculty, staff, administration and Board of Education will continue to create opportunities for all of our learners to become college, career and civic ready, and we will advocate for and support the Remsen school community with a fair and unbiased approach. We believe in teamwork and we have a core belief in the success and achievement of all students. 

    Remsen students continue to do amazing things and our teachers continue to guide and support them through each challenge. The students at Remsen are lucky to have such highly qualified teachers in their classrooms every day and we are all so grateful for the continued support the community has shown throughout the years.

    Rebecca Dunckel-King