Welcome to the School Health Services Section!

School Nurse
  • We hope you find this site to be an "Information Station," for obtaining, maintaining, or organizing your child's health care information while they are students at RCS. Our focus is to support your child's education by assisting to maintain optimal health and wellness in a safe environment.

    You will find documents for physicals, health histories, medication administration, health information, and much more to help keep you abreast of necessary documentation for our students while your child/children are students at RCS.

    During this unprescedented time when the COVID-19 virus challenges our daily lives, communication with your child's school nurse is a vital piece in helping to keep our school and community safe. Although we are not able to predict each and every course this virus might take and how it will impact our school community, please be assured we are using any and all of the resourses that are at our disposal to help our students' and their families navigate current state mandated guidelines. 

    We welcome your input. If there is a health related concern regarding the current pandemic climate or any other health related issue you feel needs to be addressed for the health and safety of the students at RCS, please contact us. We would be happy to review requests and post important health and/or wellness information.
    Elementary School Nurse:
    Mrs. Autumn Fasolino, RN

    315.205.4300 ext.4230
    Jr/Sr High School Nurse:
    Mrs. Eilleen Hamlin, RN 

    315.205.4300 ext. 5206