• This course can earn you 3 college credits from SUNY Cobleskill. It is designed to teach cooking techniques, as well as how to cook in a healthier manner. While covering the different cooking techniques, the "Harvest of the Month" will be incorporated and students will be prepping healthy snacks to sell at the Remsen's Stop and Shop. 


    Basic Kitchen Safety                                                                                       Food Groups- MyPlate

    Foodborne Illnesses                                                                        Grains                   Fruits                     Proteins

    Sanitation                                                                                     Vegetables         Dairy

    Safety Hazards                                                                            - Types, Preparations, Nutritional Value

    Food Production                                                                                              Meal Management

    Basic terminology                                                                            Menu Development

    Reading / following a recipe                                                                 - Home, School, Restaurant

    Kitchen Equipment                                                                                              Food Etiquette

    Influence of Food Choices                                                                              Table Service    

    Media                                                                                            Dining Etiquette

    Culture                                                                                           Food Service Establishments

    Economics                                                                                      Food Preparation for Nutritional Needs

    Role of Food                                                                                                      Nutritional Needs of Individuals

    Nutrients                                                                                         Digestion and Metabolism

    Dietary Recommendations                                                                   Current Food Issues

    Nutrition Labels                                                                                 Nutrition Practices

    Fitness                                                                                              Food Production

    Special Dietary Needs                                                                          School Lunch

    Advances in Foods                                                                                            State Requirements

    Changes in Technology that Impact Food                                              Funding/Costs