School Bus Safety

  • Bus Safety Graphic

    Danger Zone:

    • The tires & the wheels are the most dangerous part of the school bus.
    • The Bus Driver can NOT see you.
    • Never Cross Behind The Bus.

    10 Foot Rule:

    Walk 10 feet (10 Giant Steps for you little ones) in front of the bus when crossing---so the driver can see you over the hood of the bus.

    Riding on the Bus:

    • Hold on the handrail
    • Go directly to your seat and stay seated
    • Talk quietly -- No Screaming and No Shouting
    • Use your "Inside Voice"
    • Let the Bus Driver know if: You need help, Are scared, or if someone is hurting you
    • Keep your hands and head inside the bus. Not out the windows
    • Stay behind the White Line while the bus is moving