•  Grading Policy:
    30% Formative: Quizzes, Practicing Techniques (sewing, cooking skills), Video Questions, Peer Evaluations
    70% Summative: Unit Tests, Final Projects (Aprons, Finished Recipe), Presentations

    --Classroom Rules                                                                                   

    Be on time for class
    Do not be disruptive
    No cell phones, unless approved for class purposes
    Be respectful
    Be prepared for class

    *Classroom Procedures*

    1. Come in quietly
    2. Pick up any handouts from the island
    3. Get out folders or binders
    4. Start bell work at your own seat.

    Bathroom use- If it is an emergency, just ask. Unless we are right in the middle of something, I will give you a pass to go to the nurse. 

    Fire drill- Absolutely no talking. Leave through the doors by the cafeteria, go up the hill in a single file line. There is no talking until we get back in the classroom. 

    Raise your hand to answer or ask a question and wait to be called on