• Third Grade Supply List

    **All supplies should fit in a pencil box or pouch. No lock/key pencil boxes.**

    Please write your child’s name or initials on all of his/her supplies, so if something is misplaced it can be returned to them.

      • 12 #2 Sharpened Pencils **(Ticonderoga pencils are best. Pencils with designs or generic pencils ruin the sharpener and do not last long.)

      • 1 Pink Eraser

      • 1 Box of Colored Pencils (12 Count is fine)

      • 1 Box of Crayons (24 Count or less)

      • 1 Large or 2 Small Glue Sticks

      • 2 Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers (Fine Tip Preferred for Writing)

      • 2 Sharpie Gel Highlighters (This kind does not bleed through the paper.)

      • 5 Plastic Pocket Folders with 3 Prongs Inside (Sometimes called portfolio) Label Folders: Writing, Reading, Math, Science/Social Studies, and Home/School **The heavier Five Star folders last longer and hold up better to be used in coming years.

      • 2 Wide Ruled Composition Notebooks

      • 1 Package of Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper (50 Sheets)

      • Scissors

    Thank you for your support!

    Mrs. Losowski (Christ)