• December 13, 2015




    Dear Sophomore Parent:


                In these first few weeks of the new school year, I wanted to be sure to contact you regarding some information you may not be aware of in terms of your child’s education in tenth grade English.

                The most important is how quickly you can check your child’s work and progress and how easily you can communicate with me if you have any questions or concerns.

                I use a program called Brainhoney. This is a computer program that allows the students to do almost all their work online. They take quizzes and tests using this program and they submit all major papers on this site as well. This saves time and paper. Brainhoney also has one feature my students like very much: they can check which assignments they are missing, see their grades for individual assignments and quizzes and see their overall average for the quarter.

                Brainhoney will allow you to do all these things as well. I am not going to try and explain how to log in to Brainhoney in this letter, but your child can show you how it’s done. I also keep an online gradebook as part of the parent portal that is linked to the school’s new website. You may check your child’s grade there as well.

                 I  also use the school’s new website to show information about my class.   I have all my assignments posted there as well as all vocabulary words for the week. There is also a spot to contact me via email if you wish. Any parent who would like to contact me for any reason should feel free to do so, my email mailbox is always open.

                In conclusion, I hope you will take advantage of some of the technology available to you to become more involved in your child’s education in my classroom. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.





    Russ Haynes