School Wide Expectations

  • General expectations for Remsen Elementary Students are:

    • To treat teachers, staff, and other students with respect and consideration.
    • To follow the directions of teachers and staff without any inappropriate responses.
    • To demonstrate respect for personal property, school property, and the property of others.
    • To care for each other’s safety i.e. no tripping, pushing, shoving, fighting, or throwing objects.
    • To keep the building and grounds free of litter and graffiti.
    • To walk, not run unless in gym class, recess, or on the playground.
    • To generally stay to the right while passing through the halls quietly.
    • To speak in a normal voice without shouting.
    • To abstain from fighting, name-calling, bullying, pushing, and yelling.
    • To follow all rules of good behavior during assemblies, extracurricular activities, fire drills, and other school functions.
    • To turn all “found” items into the “lost and found” in the office.
    • To obey all cafeteria and recess rules (which are clearly posted in the cafeteria

    In the classroom:

    • follow the directions of all staff and substitute personnel.
    • arrive in class on time.
    • listen carefully to all public address (PA) announcements.
    • arrive prepared with all necessary materials needed for class.
    • refrain from disturbing or distracting others as they work.

    In the cafeteria:

    • talk quietly
    • walk slowly
    • stay in our seats
    • not throw things
    • not share food
    • keep our hands and feet to ourselves
    • listen to directions

    On the bus:

    • follow directions given by the bus driver and the bus aide.
    • act as good examples by being cooperative, careful and kind.
    • remain in seats.
    • keep hands and objects away from windows.
    • talk quietly and not cause distractions.
    • follow the rules of General Behavior as previously stated and follow the REMSEN Central School District Safety Rules as explained by the bus driver.
    • say ‘thank you’ to the bus driver when exiting the bus.


    • behave responsibly.
    • use equipment properly and safely.
    • walk bicycles while on school property. In order to protect property, bikes will be placed on bike racks.