• New Writing Assignment, November 3, 2021- Please write a two-page story in which you change the plot of  The Crucible.  You may start anywhere in the book that you like and just pick up there and continue with your own new ending. This is NOT to be written in play format but with a narrative and dialogue.  (Dialogue is required!) 


    The first thing you should do is write your name and then where you will be starting your story.  An example: I will pick up where they are about to hang John Proctor.


    Other requirements are:

    You must correctly write a sentence using "If I were she," or "If I were he."

    You must have a book title in your story. 


    You may share this on google docs when you have finished.  Thank you.





    The Fence writing assignment- "There was this fence where we pressed our faces and felt the wind turn warm and held to the fence and forgot who we were or where we came from but dreamed of who we might be and where we might go.

    Start with this opening and continue a story in your own words.  

    Length: 2-5 pages

    Requirements: You must have a dialogue.











    In the year A.D. 400, the Emperor Yuan held his throne by the Great Wall of China, and the land was green with rain, readying itself toward the harvest, at peace, the people in his dominion neither too happy nor too sad. 

                Early on the morning of the first day of the first week of the second month of the new year, the Emperor Yuan was sipping tea and fanning himself against a warm breeze when a servant ran across the scarlet and blue garden tiles, calling, “Oh Emperor, Emperor, a miracle!”





    Halloween/October story.  Take the following words and write a story using every word.  You must boldface the vocabulary words as you use them.  You must have a dialogue.  Length: One to two pages.


    October vocabulary words


    requiem- mass for the soul of the dead

     poltergeist- ghost causing unexplained events

     apparition- ghost or phantom

     ethereal- heavenly or spiritual

     rigor  mortis- stiffening of the body after death

     necrology- study of the dead

     embalm- to preserve a body that is dead

     parapsychology- branch of psych dealing with E.S.P.

     inter- to bury a body

     talisman- a figure supposed to have magical powers

     dirge- song for the dead

     epitaph- inscription on a tomb

     specter- ghost

    crypt- a burial vault

     expire- to die

    mummy- any well preserved corpse

     cadaver- corpse

     shade- ghost

    mortician- someone who prepares a dead body




    Hello students, Mr. Haynes here. This is your last creative writing assignment this quarter. Take the paragraphs above as a starting point for your story. Make sure to look back on Brainhoney on the papers you just submitted and check for the mistakes you made previously so you won’t make them on this paper.    In order to save time and space, you may copy the very last line, “Oh Emperor, Emperor, a miracle.” This paper should be at least two pages long but no more than four with twelve point font, double spacing. The due date is yet to be determined. Good luck and have fun.