• Homework Policy

    Homework has a place in the educational program at Remsen. Homework
    should be designed to positively reinforce, develop, and/or expand content
    knowledge. We carefully consider the student's needs when planning homework to
    make home assignments an integral part of the child's educational experience.
    Homework that is meaningful in content will be assigned on a regular
    basis, Monday through Thursday. The time allotted to complete homework should be not more than 30 minutes 
    for math.  My students will rarely have homework in science and social social studies. 
    Research strongly suggests that parents have an important role to
    play in providing an opportunity for students to complete homework. However,
    the research is also clear that parents should not assume responsibility for
    the actual completion of the student's homework.
    Students will write their nightly assignments in a Daily Agenda.
    Because one of the expectations of being a 6th grade
    student, is to be accountable and responsible for one's work, it is expected
    that the homework assignments will be completed and returned the next day.
    This means that the student's work will include all the criteria students need
    to follow when turning in assignments.


    Consequences of not turning in homework:

    1. The student may attend OTI Zone (opportunity to improve) and turn in
    the assignment at the end of the day, or complete it during their lunch.

    2. If the assignment is not turned in at the end of the day it is due,
    it will not be accepted and the student will receive zero credit. There are always exceptions to this rule, based on individual situations.

    Parents: Receiving and completing the homework assignment is the students'
    responsibility, NOT your responsibility.


    Criteria for Assignments

    1. Full Name (First and Last), date, subject and page number are in the
    correct area of the paper.
    2. Handwriting is legible. Use of the computer is acceptable with no unusual
    fonts or light colors. Print in blue or black unless the project states that optional colors or fonts are
    3. Correct spelling is used.
    4. Correct grammar and punctuation is expected.
    5. Work is complete, and turned in on time.
    6. Directions have been followed.

    Trimester performance is determined by adding all points earned in a marking period, and divided by the total possible points.  Scores will consist of homework, quizzes, projects, class participation, and tests. Scores will be available on www.remsencsd.org, Parent Portal throughout the duration of each trimester.



    Averages will consist of two categories:

    30% collaborative work and 70% independent

    Below are examples of each component:

    Collaborative                                  Independent

    Daily questions                               Tests

    Classwork                                       Quizzes

    Exit/Entrance Tickets                       Sprints

    Homework                                      STAR



    The daily earned points will be averaged into a 1-4 point scale                                                   


    Academic Performance level Key

    4.0 – Exceeding New York State and District Grade Level Standards/ 100-98%

    3.5 – In addition to score 3.0, sometimes exceeds Standards/ 97-90%

    3.0 – Meeting New York State and District Grade Level Standards/ 89-80%

    2.5 – In addition to score 2.0, meeting some Standards/ 75-79%

    2.0 – Progressing towards New York State and District Grade Level Standards/ 74-70%

    1.5 – Performing below standards, demonstrating some progress/ 69-65%

    1.0 – Performing below New York State and District Grade Level Standards/ 64% and below


    *Extra credit assignments may be offered to all students occasionally throughout the year.  However, there will be no individual extra credit assignments or last – minute projects offered to assist students in passing the course.  Students must meet course requirements on a regular basis in order to pass the class.


    Absent / Late Policy

    In the case of an absence, the student will have an extra day for every
    missed day. For example, if a student is absent for two days due to an  
    illness, the student has two days after the original due date to complete and
    hand in the assignment.
    Late work is only accepted with specific permission by the teacher.
    Every student will have an opportunity to complete work in OTI and during
    work time in the class. I understand that family emergencies do occur and a
    note from home will help me consider the late homework assignment. If the
    homework assignment is late due to leaving materials in the classroom or not
    understanding the assignment, it is the responsibility of the student to
    contact a peer, text/call or email me for help and/or clarification.