School Meal Program

  • Remsen Central School District's cafeterias provide appealing, high-quality breakfast and lunch programs for students within the district. This section of the website contains important information about Remsen's breakfast and lunch programs including menus, forms and nutrition notes.

    The lunch menus for the current and up-coming month can be viewed by selecting a school and month from the left-hand navigation.

    Some students may qualify to receive free or reduced cost meals. Families can see if they qualify for free or reduced meals by completing the application and sending it to the address as indicated on the cover letter.

    Breakfast Program

    A breakfast program is being offered in the Cafeteria each morning, between the hours of 7:30 - 7:50 a.m. All students eating breakfast will remain in the cafeteria until dismissed.

    Lunch Period

    Lunch is meant to be a relaxing, social, and enjoyable time for students.  To ensure that this is possible, the following points will be observed by every student who
    exercises the privilege of using the cafeteria and its services at Remsen Central School:

    • Students will be excused for lunch according to their class schedule.
    • All students are to proceed purposefully, quietly and in an orderly fashion to the cafeteria.
    • It is expected that all students will be orderly while standing in the cafeteria line. “Cutting” ahead of other students in line is not tolerated.
    • Students discovered stealing cafeteria will be subject to the appropriate school and legal penalties.
    • Students who violate the rules of the cafeteria may be assigned a suspension from the cafeteria by the Principal or his/her designee, if necessary.  While a student is suspended from the cafeteria, he/she will eat lunch in the office or another designated room – appropriately assigned to a study hall for the remainder of the period.
    • All students will be respectful of the staff and facilities when disposing of lunch refuse.  Students will take their lunch trays to the return window and dispose of their refuse in the appropriate containers when they are finished eating.
    • Students will push their chairs in when leaving the cafeteria.
    • Students wishing to meet with a specific teacher, utilize the library, etc. will obtain a pre-signed pass. This pass must be given to the cafeteria supervisor before you will be permitted to leave the cafeteria area.