Chain of Command

  • Why Chain of Command is Important to Understand…

    As in any system, it is important that all parts function together to make the system run efficiently. As a school District, we need to be sure that we communicate with all parts of the system and that we are aware of how each of the sub-systems work together to make up the entire functional organization. That means that the transportation department needs to communicate with the buildings, the cafeteria needs to communicate with parents, the staff needs to communicate with administration, etc. There are many more examples of how inter-related we are and because of that there are many ways that the system can break down. Here at Remsen, we are building our capacity to function as a system that communicates with all of our departments and stakeholders and take seriously any breakdowns in communications.

    One of the most important parts of a system is to know where to go to get your questions answered or your complaint heard. In either situation, always go to the source first. That might be the bus driver or the teacher. If you are not satisfied with the response at this level, or if you do not receive a response, you need to go to the supervisor for that person. For the transportation department that would be the transportation supervisor Tom Waldron. If you have communicated with the supervisor and you are still not satisfied, it may be time to move up the communication chain. The next person you would contact would be the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Jenny. If you are still not satisfied with the answer you receive from me or if your complaint has not been resolved, you would then contact Mrs. Kate Chandler in the District Office to contact the Board of Education. We ask that you follow this chain of command that is reviewed below in a simple graphic. 

    Chain of Command

    Chain of Command for Athletics

    If your issue involves an athletic issue, there is a slightly different chain to follow.  Here, we ask that you talk to your child's coach, then the athletic director before you move further along the chain.

    Athletic Chain of Command

    We ask that you use this chain of command so that you can receive a timely response from the staff member that is most directly involved in the situation. We do not expect your questions or concerns to go unanswered for a long period of time. We all look forward to a wonderful school year with great communication and few complaints. Please note that compliments or acknowledgements of positive events can be directed to everyone along the chain. All of us appreciate hearing that there is something good that has happened!