• Career & Technical Education at REMSEN Central School

    The Career and Technical Education programs at REMSEN Central School provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit while pursuing their interest in a career field of their choice. REMSEN’s CTE programs integrate rigorous academics with relevant career and technical skills. Students participating in CTE programs develop work place competencies and employability skills while participating in interactive learning activities, internship opportunities and real world experiences.

    The following pathways have been organized to offer students a 4 credit sequence of courses that can be taken within a specific career path. Please note that ALL CTE courses, whether part of a pathway or not, are open to ALL students.


     CTE Core Courses Required for All Programs

    College & Career Readiness (.5)

    Career & Financial Management (.5)


    CTE Program Specific Courses (3 credits)


    Academy of Agriculture

    Academy of Business


    Academy of Human Development

    Core Courses—3 credits

    Intro. to Ag, Food & Natural Resources (.5)

    Intro. to Agriculture Business Management (.5)

    Intro. to Horticulture (.5)

    Advanced Horticulture (.5)

    Intro. to Animal Science - (.5)

    Small Animal Management (.5)


    Intro to Dairy Science (.5)


    Core Courses—3 credits

    Marketing (.5)

    Business Law (.5)

    MVCC—Introduction to Business - (.5)

    MVCC—Workplace Computer Applications - (.5)

    Electives—1 Credit 

    MVCC—Principles of Accounting (.5)

    Advanced Computer Applications (.5)

     Business Math—(1)


    Core Courses—3 credits

    Child Development I (.5)

    Child Development II (.5)

    Food and Nutrition for Life I (.5)

    Food and Nutrition for Life II (.5)

    Human Development I (.5)

    Human Development II (.5)