• French Class Goals  

    What do we learn in French?

    We focus on the two New York State Standards for learning a world language:

    • Communication and Cultural Understanding;
      and the 5 national (ACTFL) goals for world language learning:
    • Communication… through interpersonal, interpretive, & presentational modes;
    • Cultures… explore cultural products, practices, and how they relate to French-speaking people;
    • Connections… to other school subjects through the French language;
    • Comparison… to our first language and culture; and
    • Communities… apply language skills beyond the classroom walls 


    French Class Philosophy

    Why learn French? 

    There are MANY reasons to study a foreign language. For starters, it helps boost our critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and thus helps our abilities in other subjects as well. Knowledge of a foreign language can help to qualify for college scholarships, place out of some college requirements, and obtain higher paying jobs upon graduation. Finally, it opens our eyes to a multitude of cultures, ideas, traditions, and people around the world.

    How do we learn French? 

    In my classes, we approach French the same way we learned our first language, through a teaching method called Comprehensible Input. This method prioritizes the students’ gaining as much experience in the language (input) as possible. Class will be 90% or more in French from the first class. This method also requires the teacher to make all that French completely comprehensible to the student through context, body language, acting, pointing, drawing, even just translating the word to English from time to time. Your experience in class will largely consist of listening to and reading messages in French. Later, with dozens of hours of language input, you will start writing and eventually speaking in French. By the end of the year, students you will be able to write pages of French, without hesitation. With enough time, your speaking skills will also gradually emerge.

    French Class Supplies


    All students should bring with them everyday:

    • school-assigned Chromebook,
    • spiral notebook for notes,
    • pen/pencil,
    • folder to bring loose papers home.
    • This year, students should keep a 3-ring binder at home to keep loose papers.
    • Some classes will also take a French textbook to keep for reference at home. 


    French Class Rules and Expectations


    We need to follow rules and expectations to ensure everyone learns:

    • Soyez respectueux— Be respectful. Encourage and support each other. Only use a cell phone with permission and for class purposes.
    • Soyez préparé— Be prepared. Have all materials and be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
    • Travaillez dur—Work hard. Participate; take risks; make mistakes; try again; complete your assignments. 


    Consequences for not following the rules & expectations:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. If behavior continues: Phone call home
    3. If behavior continues: After-school detention
    4. If behavior continues: Administrative referral / Write-up