• Welcome to Global Studies and Spanish 7 with

    Mr. Bunker


    My commitment to you

    I firmly believe that every student, who puts forth an honest effort, will succeed in my class. To help you succeed, I am more than willing to meet with you after school or during one of my free periods.


    Materials needed each day

    Three ring binder or folder




    Rules for success

    1. Do not talk when the teacher is talking

    2. Be respectful to the teacher and your peers

    3. Arrive to class on time and with materials (no talking when bell rings)

    4. Raise your hand and stay in your seat


    Failure to follow these rules will result in the following:

    1st offense: Verbal warning

    2nd offense: Separation from class/seat moved

    3rd offense: Call home/detention

    4th offense: Write up


    *All school rules and consequences not mentioned above will be followed as per the student handbook. PLEASE READ YOUR CODE OF CONDUCT!



    • Your grade will be based on tests, projects, quizzes, participation and homework. I do not weight grades.

    • You may complete corrections for quizzes in order to get a better grade.

    • Test corrections will not be allowed.

    • I do not accept late work. A project turned in late will receive a score of zero.


    Absent students are required to make up work within the same number of days absent. It is your responsibility to see me about work!



    If you consistently fail to complete homework, then you will receive a detention during which you will complete the assignment.


    Extra Help

    Please come see me during activity period or talk to me and we can meet another time.


    Mr. Bunker