• Author and Stuben native Holly McGhee visited fifth grade students at Remsen Elementary on May 11 to discuss her career and book “Matylda, Bright and Tender.”

    The class read the novel as part of their fifth grade reading curriculum and were excited for the opportunity to meet the author in person.

    McGhee spoke to the students about her story and what inspired her to write this incredible book. She also did a few readings from the book and then provided time for a question and answer session with students.

    The visit was a great lesson for students in the many details and career paths involved with writing and publishing.

    Students also prepared a video to welcome McGhee to their classroom. You can watch the video HERE!

    The visit ended with an author’s reception where McGhee met each student and their personal copies of “Matylda, Bright and Tender” -- provided through a grant from the Remsen Teacher Center.

    Click HERE to learn more about Holly McGhee and her book.