• Remsen Jr./Sr. High School hosted its Annual Middle School Science Fair on March 5.

    This year’s Science Fair included individual and group projects completed by all seventh and eighth grade science students. Each individual or group was asked to create an experiment-based project and then present their findings on a poster board during the Science Fair.

    Prior to project presentations and judging, students heard from several guest speakers about their experiences working in science-related fields and how their interest in science developed.

    Guest speakers, teachers and senior students also served as judges for the Science Fair.

    The five groups with the highest scores from the Middle School Science Fair were:

    7th Grade

    • Julia Denning and Noah Skermont - Capturing Wind Energy
    • Michael Sacco and Ben Staskoski - Fungus vs. Medication

    8th Grade

    • Paige Loveric - Lenses and Solar Panels
    • Jessica Rimmer - Center of Gravity
    • Christopher Tavenner - The Best Memory

    These groups and their projects will represent Remsen at the 40th Annual Regional Science Fair at Utica College on March 24.