• Grading Policy

    Welcome to 5th and 6th grade writing! Writing is a class of tremendous growth and change; therefore I want to inform you of this year’s homework and grading procedures so that we may work together in providing the best possible experience for your son or daughter.


    Homework assignments will reinforce, supplement, and complement learning which takes place in the classroom. Assignments will be used to build upon in future lessons in the classroom. They will help students gain a greater understanding of the subject, the writing process, and time needed to create the best work possible. Homework typically is assigned Monday through Thursday, and occasionally on weekends if more time is needed to catch up. It often is additional time needed to complete the work in class, other times it is an additional assignment.


    The student agendas contain daily calendars, students will write down homework assignments, due the next day unless noted otherwise, in the agenda. Please check and sign your child’s agenda book each day. Please help your child develop good study habits, and help guide them when necessary, however encourage them to do the work on their own. Agenda’s are signed by me when the child is behind in their writing work.


    Numerical grades will be assigned to reflect student mastery of grade level curriculum. Grades will be calculated from the finalized writing pieces both drafted and on-demand. Grades for the report cards will be calculated from graded assignments only.  Report cards will be issued three times a year. At the end of each unit, the grades for the unit will be sent home and a signature from the parent will be requested.

    • Drafted and Finalized Writing: This type of writing is done over time, it includes several drafts, conferences with peers and teacher, published using Google Docs, submitted in Google Classroom, and represents the best work students can do using all the resources they have and lessons that have been taught.
    • On-Demand Writing: At the end of each unit, students are given an assignment within the genre of writing they have just completed. Most of the time they will be given a text they have not seen and asked to write an essay using this text. Students are given two class periods to read, plan, revise, and finalize this piece of writing. These assignments are completely open notebook, using all resources, as well as previous pieces is always recommended. This type of assignment allows students to show the skills they have attained in the genre taught without the assistance of peer or teacher conferences.

    The Remsen  School District’s grading scale is as follows:

    4.0 – Exceeding New York State and District Grade Level Standards
    3.5 – In addition to score 3.0, sometimes exceeds Standards
    3.0 – Meeting New York State and District Grade Level Standards
    2.5 – In addition to score 2.0, meeting some Standards
    2.0 – Progressing towards New York State and District Grade Level Standards
    1.5 – Performing below standards, demonstrating some progress
    1.0 – Performing below New York State and District Grade Level Standards
    NA – Not assessed at this time

    Writing Rubric:

    Each piece of writing is graded using the following:

    • Structure
      • Overall
      • Lead
      • Transitions
      • Ending
      • Organization
    • Development
      • Elaboration
      • Craft
    • Language Conventions
      • Spelling
      • Punctuation

    *For more information on expectations for each of the above, see the grading rubric specific for the genre and grade level.