• English 8 Course Syllabus

    Year: 2020-2021 School year

    Instructor: Mrs. Lauren Platt

    Contact: lplatt@remsencsd.org


    Course description:

    English 8 will build upon students’ prior knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and the mechanics of writing and usually include the four aspects of language use: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Additionally, English 8 scaffolds from students’ prior knowledge in 7th grade of novels, poetry and short stories, while linking nonfiction reading selections to various themes of literature. Students will continue to be introduced to formal and academic writing and will complete a formal research project and up to four (4) in class essays.


    Students are expected to arrive to class on time and attend class on a daily basis. While in class students should be attentive and engaged. This requires students to read the assigned materials, complete assignments and engage willingly in class discussions. Students are expected to spend an adequate amount of time on classwork and homework each week, and make an effort to read and understand assignments. Lastly, students are expected to seek help when appropriate via any of the listed communication pathways.

    Homework Policy:

    Homework assignments should be recorded in student planners by each student.  Additionally, when a homework assignment is given, it will be posted in Mrs. Platt’s classroom and on Mrs. Platt’s Google classroom site. All homework assignments are to be handed in on the day that they are due.  If a student is absent the day an assignment is due, it is to be turned in the day they return.  If a student is absent for a quiz or test, they will have two (2) days upon their  return to school to make it up.  Students are to report to the testing center to schedule a time to take it.  After two days the test/quiz will no longer be available for a make-up. (Late work loses 5 points a day. Make-up work completed 4 weeks after the original assignment date will be graded no higher than 50%.)


    Attendance will be taken on a daily basis and will be counted in the student’s average. Students are responsible for retrieving missed work due to absences.  There is a “what you missed” section in the classroom in which missing work will be placed with the student’s name on it. If a student misses multiple, unexcused classes, the absences will in turn reflect a lower class average. *Subject to change at the teacher’s discretion.

    Make-up Work:

    Students will be given the opportunity to re-write any on demand writing task (writing assignment with no scheduled draft/plan time) in the event that a student receives a 70% or lower on the assignment, or the student elects to re-write the assignment on their own accord.  *Some tests and quizzes will be allowed to be made up, at the teacher’s discretion, and I will always make time to assist a student in any assignment, project, or skill with which they are struggling.


    Students taking English 8 will need a notebook, pen/pencil, highlighter, index cards and 3x5 post-it notes as well as their school issued chrome book. There will be an emphasis on the use of Google and Buzz for the posting of assignments, handouts, readings and discussions. It is important that students have easy and consistent access to the internet either at home and/or school.


    During regular school hours it is best to contact the instructor via school telephone at (315) 205-5227. Calls will be returned within a 24 hour window on weekdays.  After school hours students can communicate via REMIND. This is free text messaging service that is available to all English 8 students. There are directions on the English 8 website, on Mrs. Platt’s page. Remind also offers a free app that students can download, however this is not a requirement. Students are also able to contact the instructor via e-mail at lplatt@remsencsd.org. E-mails will be returned within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.

    Grading procedures:

    The final grade will be determined as follows:

    • Assessments (Exams/Projects)- 30%
    • Writing assignments (Essays/Constructed Response/etc.)- 25%
    • Homework and classwork - 20%
    • Quizzes -15%
    • Class participation: includes being prepared for class; random and unannounced material checks will take place -10%

    *Please Note: it is not uncommon for an assignment to be counted twice in the average; this will depend on the unit of study.  This information will be announced at the start of the assignment. All assignment and test weights are subject to change.

    Instructional Methodology

    Individual methodology may include lectures, small group activities, use of electronic media, and in-class writing workshops.

     Google| Buzz Account Expectations

    All students are provided with a Google account courtesy of the school district. Students are expected to have regular access to their Google account and are expected to regularly sign in.  Students will have access to the Learning Management System, Buzz through their school Google accounts only. Students are also issued a school provided chrome book and will be expected to bring and use their chrome books on a daily basis in ELA 8. Chrome books should come to school fully charged and all studens should have their chargers with them every day. All assignments and discussions are regularly posted on Buzz and are expected to be completed by students inside and outside of class.

     Paper format:

    All assignments must be typed in Times New Roman, double spaced, font size 12, one inch margins and the heading below. Students will be penalized five (5) points each time the below format is not followed