Literary Essay
  • Literary Essay

    Opening Texts and Seeing More

    This unit teaches the work of academics, of literacy scholars, the type of writing that your students will see throughout middle school and beyond. If you look at the SAT Essay section, the NYS English Regents, high school English and Social Studies classes, this is the type of writing students will be expected to produce. In this unit students will draw upong what they already know about good essay writing, force them to think analytically about texts, and craft claims that can be supported with evidence across a variety of texts both in narrative and non-narrative. Literacy writing requires students to read, reread, and rethink about a text in increasingly sophisticated ways. Students then craft a precise claim, build an argument to support their claim, and develop counterclaims anticipated of the reader.


    In this unit students will be working on the following skills:

    • Growing Ideas by Reading Closely

    • Creating a Variety of Theses and Strengthening these Statements 

    • Angling Mini-Stories to Support a Point

    • Analyzing How Characters Respond to Trouble

    • Choosing and Setting Up Quotes

    • Logically Ordering Reasons and Evidence