• Research-Based Information Writing

    Books, Websites, and Presentations

    We are faced each day with heaps of information, this unit teaches students to take a stance--taking in, categorizing, synthesizing, and checking the validity of the information they exposed to. As part of research and writing, students will wrestle with synthesizing an array of information, creating a logical and clear structure for their writing, incorporating quotations, including citations, and adopting a correct and appropriate tone and style as they teach their readers. Students will write and research a compelling issue of Teen Activism and organize their research into an article format. Once writing and research is complete, students will pour their ideas into a digital format for presententation, learning to be concise with ideas to inform readers. 

    Students will:

    • Become engaged in a Topic
    • Follow a Trail of Research: Pursuing Information and Focusing in on Topics
    • Construct Text with Solid Bricks of Information
    • Write with Detail
    • Lift the Level of Sentence Complexity
    • Use Text Features to Strengthen Writing
    • Quoting with Purpose in Mind
    • Study Digital Mentor Texts
    • Pour their Research into Digital Formats
  • Activism

Teen Activism