• The Literary Essay

    From Character to Compare/Contrast

    The power to be thoughtful about text and articulate an interpretation of that text clearly and empathetically is powerful in today's classrooms. This unit teaches students to read closely and with great focus on details. Student's will be asked to form their own theories about a character and theme in texts; express thoughts; name ideas; and back up ideas and observations with strong evidence. Students will write several literary essays during this unit--character-based, theme-based, and compare-contrast--each essay building on the last. 

    During this unit students will:

    • Grow Big Ideas from Details about Characters
    • Writing to Discover What a Character Really Wants
    • Crafting Claims
    • Conveying Evidence: Summarizing, Storytelling, and Quoting
    • Studying Mentor Texts
    • Analyze and Cite Text Evidence
    • Look for Themes in the Trouble of a Text
    • First Impressions and Closing Remarks
    • Comparing and Constrasting Themes across Texts