Writing Grade 6
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    Personal Narrative 

    The Literary Essay 

    Researched-Based Information Writing

Grade 6 Units of Study in Writing


    Learning Progressions

    The Units of Study program has learning progresstions, skills specific to each grade level that are aligned and built upon each year, for PreK-through ninth grade. "If you are truly going to bring all of your students to the ambitous standards of the CCSS, there needs to be vertical alignment in the curriculum so that people who teach at any one grade level can count on students entering their classrooms with some foundational skills that can then be built on. The days of each teacher functioning as a Lone Ranger in teaching of writing are at an end" (Calkins). With that said, each grade level has specific skills that need to be taught, developed, and are supported throughout multiple years of instruction. In this program, units build upon themselves, sometimes a lesson may refer to learning from a previous unit that year or a previous unit from the year before. With this well planned curriculum, assessments, and responsive instruction students will soar through the vertical alignment of skills. Below are the Learning Progressions grade 3 through 9. Each progression is specific to a type of writing, aligned with the CCSS, and broken down into the nine categories students are assessed on.  


    Narrative Writing Learning Progression

    Information Writing Learning Progression

    Argument Writing Learning Progression