Multiple books
  • 5th Grade Reading Curriculum

    Unit 1: Notice and Note  Students will be learning to recognize big moments in their reading that help enhance comprehension as they are reading the text.

    • Aha Moments
    • Again and Again
    • Tough Questions
    • Contrast and Contradictions
    • Memory Moments
    • Words of the Wiser

    Unit 2 Interpretation Book Clubs Analyzing theme

    Unit 3 Tackling Complexity: Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction

    Unit 4 Argument and Advocacy: Researching Debatable Issues

    Unit 5 Fantasy Book Clubs: The Magic of Themes and Symbols


  •  Our class has accepted the 40 book challenge!  
    We will be reading at school for at least 20 minutes every day.  I ask that my students try to read 30 minutes every night!  
    Imagine the experiences we will have if we all reach our goal!


    Dear 5th Grade Student and Parents/Caregivers,

         I believe in the power of reading.  Reading can take you on faraway adventures in mythical lands.  Reading can teach you how to do something you have only dreamed of.  Most importantly, reading can allow you to enter into someone else’s life and teach you how to be empathetic and kind.  This school year, I will expose you to some incredible literature.  My hope is to provide you with books that make you want to be a lifetime reader.  I read for the pleasure of reading and I hope to encourage you to do the same.

         I am challenging all of my students to read 40 books this school year.  Research proves time and time again that the best way to improve reading abilities is to read, read, read!  I want this challenge to be something to work toward without making reading into a chore.  Therefore, I will not be requiring students to complete book reports in the traditional way.  (As a student, I hated feeling like I HAD to complete a book report.)  However, there will be many opportunities to report back on the books that you are reading.  For example, students will have the opportunity to complete reading logs, google forms, make book trailers, do book talks, make a video and many other possibilities.  I am always looking for student suggestions on how they want to report on the books they are reading as well.

         In order to meet the goal of 40 books this school year, students will be provided time to do some reading at school every single day.  I also ask that each student try their best to read for at least 30 minutes at home everyday.  I know life is hectic and some days that just isn’t possible but it is a great goal to have.  If you have to skip a day due to an after school activity, read a little more on the weekend.  Let’s do some math.  A person that reads 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week for a whole year reads for 76,650 minutes.  That is 1,277 hours and 30 minutes.  Wow!  That is so many adventures just waiting to happen.

         I truly believe that reading daily is the single best way to improve reading achievement and I want all of my students to be the best reader that they can be.  Therefore, I will not be giving nightly homework for reading.  Homework will be meaningful and given on an as needed basis throughout the school year.  You can expect some homework to come home occasionally but the daily homework is just to read every opportunity that you can.  I encourage all of my students to pick up a book and just see where it takes you!  I can’t wait to see what adventures we will have this school year.  drseuss reading.jpg

    Happy Reading!

    Mrs. Piaschyk

    5th Grade Reading Teacher