• Career and Financial Management (CFM) Syllabus

    Instructor: Mrs. Smith

    Room: Room 214

    Email: lsmith@remsencsd.org

    Course Description:

    The financial decisions you make play a key role in your success in the future. Topics covered in this class include investing, budgeting and planning for retirement.

    Course Content:

    Career Exploration
    Graduating and Getting your first job
    Landing your dream job
    Budgeting (Running a household)
    Retirement planning

    Course Expectations: 

    My expectations for my students:       

    Give every assignment your best effort.
    Be in class on time and attend class each day.
    Conduct yourselves in a proper manner showing respect for fellow students and your teacher. 
    Do not talk when your teacher is talking or when other students have the floor. You will be recognized when you raise your hand to ask for help. 
    Be in your seats when the class bell rings. 
    Treat the classroom furniture and computers with respect.
    Bring all needed materials to class and be prepared to work.

    My Students Expectations for me:

    Be fair & nice
    Teach us something that makes sense in a real world situation.

    Discipline:Classroom discipline problems will be handled as follows: Minor problems will be given a warning; if problems persist, a call will be made home.  Problems that cannot be solved within the classroom will be referred to the principal.

    Computer:  Students will be required to use the computer at times during the course.  Students are expected to follow the computer usage agreement.  Students who should be working on an assignment but are using the Internet for personal reasons will receive a zero for that assignment.

    Homework/Assignments:    Assigned work and/or Homework is expected to be completed by its assigned due date.  Late work will be reduced by 10% of points each day it is late.  If turned in work is more than 5 days late, maximum credit of 50% will be awarded. If student knows of an anticipated delay, it must be communicated to the teacher before the assigned due date.

    Grading:  Students will be assessed on daily work which includes: workbooks, book work, homework, class activities, day-to-day assignments, quizzes, tests, portfolios, writing assignments, presentations, projects and hands-on activities. Work ethic includes: attitude, professionalism, initiative, cooperation and work quality. Participation grades are based on unexcused absences from the program and participation in classroom projects.

    Grades will be calculated using the following point percentage system:

    Business Management Pathway:

    Participation/Attitude/Work Ethic (see Work Ethic Rubric)........ 20%

    Knowledge & Hands-on activities.......... 80%

    In order to be successful in this class, students must attend, complete assignments and study for tests. Assignments will not be accepted after the due date without penalty. Students will be given five school days to turn in late work due to an absence. In class assignments missed as a result of an absence may result in a ZERO. Students are expected to check for missed assignments resulting from an absence at an appropriate time. Failure to meet state attendance mandates may result in loss of credit regardless of grade. Students need to log in to the Business Math Google Classroom to see their assignments. 

    Cheating will result in a ZERO for all students involved. Cheating can take the form of talking to another student during a test, copying, pasting, and/or using other students’ work. 

    Students are responsible for proper saving and file management. Technical difficulties will not be accepted as an excuse for late work. 

    Computer Skills: Naviance, Excel, Google Apps, Google Sites, Google Sheets,  Word, PowerPoint, Publisher 
    Resources: Students please refer to our CFM google site for additional instructional resources.
    Worksheets & Handouts: Worksheets and handouts will be available to students through our CFM Google Site. 

    Textbook:  None. In class activities.