• Welcome to Social Studies 8
    History of the United States and New York State II!

    Grade 8 Social Studies is arranged chronologically, beginning with Reconstruction and ending at the present, and incorporates geography as well as economic, social and political trends. The course content is divided into nine Key Ideas; the first seven trace the human experience in the United States from Reconstruction to the end of World War II.  The last three Key Ideas examine different themes in United States and New York State history from the post-War period up to the present day, which provides the opportunity to explore contemporary issues. (From the NYS Social Studies K-8 Framework.)

    Unit 1: Reconstruction                                Unit 4: WWI & the Roaring 20s               Unit 7: Foreign Policy

    Unit 2: A Changing Society                         Unit 5: Great Depression                         Unit 8: Demographic Change

    Unit 3: Expansion & Imperialism               Unit 6: World War II                                 Unit 9: Domestic Politics & Reform

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