Enduring Goals

    1. Improve student measureable achievement PK-12 within a pervasive data-driven culture, using highly effective instructional systems designed and evaluated to create the optimum learning environment to ensure that each child will be successful.
      1. Build responsibility and accountability to high educational standards in Parents/Caregivers & Students so that high levels of learning are expected and attained.
    2. Hire, develop, supervise, and evaluate a community of high quality, collaborative faculty, administration, and staff so that they will excel at their job responsibilities, according to relevant needs of student learning and school improvement.
    3. Develop, procure, maintain and improve resources (facilities, equipment, technology, materials and supplies, finances) with sustainability in mind to meet the needs of relevant student learning and instruction now and with intent to the future.
    4. To prepare a fiscally sound and responsible budget that addresses the needs of students and the concerns of taxpayers while exploring alternative funding sources.
    5. To improve external and internal district relations, transparency and communication with our various stakeholder groups.
    6. Expose students to learning opportunities beyond the walls of Remsen CSD and its community, and expect students to learn and demonstrate important social competencies. 

    Dream big and make a difference.