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  • The Remsen Central School District Board of Education will meet at the Remsen Elementary School Cafeteria on
    October 27, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of conducting a public hearing upon the issue of transferring the amount of $475,000.00 from the School District's Employee Retirement Contribution Reserve Fund to the 2016 Capital Reserve Fund."

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  • All Kids Entering the 7th and 12th Grade Must Have the Meningococcal Vaccine

    For more information about the vaccine, meningococcal disease and the new vaccine requirement, click here. Without the vaccine, your child(ren) cannot start school.

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Dear REMSEN CSD Community,

This September we welcome back our community of learners, and will be back into full swing very soon.  We have continued to prepare for success, high student achievement, and continuous improvement throughout the summer months.  We have been looking forward to our student-scholars’ return, - planning every step of the way for excellence.  School begins with the promise of great opportunity for learning and success for every one of our students.  Our promise is that we will strive to prepare and build the very best learning environment for them.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated school Board of Education that has defined our District mission and the goals with which we will operate this year.  We share the mission statement with you through the District Calendar, which is enclosed for student families.  Our goals are clear:

1.             Improve student measureable achievement PK-12 within a pervasive data-driven culture, using highly effective instructional systems designed and evaluated to create the optimum learning environment to ensure that each child will be successful.

2.             Build responsibility and accountability to high educational standards in Parents/Caregivers & Students so that high levels of learning are expected and attained.

3.             Expose students to learning opportunities beyond the walls of REMSEN CSD and its community, and expect students to learn and demonstrate important social competencies. 

4.             Hire, develop, supervise, and evaluate a community of high quality, collaborative faculty, administration, and staff so that they will excel at their job responsibilities, according to relevant needs of student learning and school improvement.

5.             Develop, procure, maintain and improve resources (facilities, equipment, technology, materials and supplies, finances) with sustainability in mind to meet the needs of relevant student learning and instruction now and with intent to the future.

6.             To prepare a fiscally sound and responsible budget that addresses the needs of students and the concerns of taxpayers while exploring alternative funding sources.

7.             To improve external and internal district relations, transparency and communication with our various stakeholder groups.

We are experiencing appropriately-paced and promising growth at every turn, thanks to the shared vision for school improvement from all stakeholders.  Overall, ELA and Math scores have shown good growth, PK through 8.  Excellent performance in traditional STEAM (Science and Math) areas is the hallmark of REMSEN Central School District.  We are collaborating, putting students first, setting a vision for REMSEN’s future, and increasing relevant learning options and opportunities for our students. 

We continue to expand our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) offerings this year at every level, adding pathways in Career and Technical programs (CTE - Business & Marketing; Business & Finance; Pre-engineering; and Child Development), and welcome exciting and new teachers to our dedicated staff.  We are creating opportunities for students that rival larger schools.  We are reintroducing full French language instruction to the program, as well as an array of clubs and other activities at both school levels.  For example, students in grades 2-6 will learn coding and computer programming, experiment in our new “maker space” to be unveiled at the Elementary School at open house!

Please welcome Jennifer LaBella – Primary Reading Specialist, ES; Mr. Jason Matteson – 7-12 Instrumental/Vocal Music Teacher; Ms. Autumn VanEtten – PK-6 School Nurse; Ms. Nicole Brockway – 7-12 Social Studies Teacher; Mrs. Michele Izzo - Spanish (now full time); Mrs. Lisa Davis – Technology Integration Specialist (.2 FTE); Ms. Alicia Prunoske, Physical Education Teacher; Mrs. Amy Piazchyk, 5th Grade Classroom Teacher; Mrs. Michelle McQueeney, Occupational Therapist (.8 FTE); and Mrs. Lucinda Fergusson, Cleaner (JSHS) to our hard-working, dedicated staff.  We are fortunate to have a great group of dynamic, child-centered, educators who are “charged” and ready to contribute to REMSEN’s mission and goals for excellence this year and into the future!

There are aspirational goals being set for students so that confidence can build that they will have a future with a sense of purpose and ownership in a society in which they can meaningfully contribute.  I encourage you to learn as much as you can about the positive changes all around us, as well as the high standards we expect that all students can reach and surpass.  We will strive this year to increase mastery level performance in JSHS mathematics Regents, as well as our graduation rate.  Our math Regents scores work together with 11th grade ELA (already at 82% mastery!) to arrive at our published Aspirational Performance Measure (APM).  We have the potential to be a lead school in our region in mastery in Regents math and ELA.

We are writing better than ever and we are focusing on helping students to improve their communication, literacy, math, and critical thinking & reasoning skills.  What we teach them today has to engage them and prepare them to be excellent citizens.  We value athletics, clubs, and other organized interests that will serve students – making their education whole and their experience well-rounded.  Technology equipment, including computer labs are state-of-the-art and widely available to all students and teachers.  We continue to learn how to engage students more through the use of this technology, and we will transform the way they learn through our new part-time Technology Integration Specialist, Mrs. Lisa Davis (BOCES).

To that end, we think that communication is important.  Our website – www.remsencsd.org – newsletters, the enclosed District calendar, events and activities, monthly newsletters, the SchoolTool Parent Portal, and our general visibility throughout the community is a priority.  We are striving for excellence.  We hope that you will support us in constructive and positive ways to help make our school all it can be.  Please contact your school’s main office to inquire about signing up for the Parent Portal – your window through which you can look into your child’s academic progress and performance.  You may sign up for School Messenger to receive important announcements and emergency information by automated phone call or text.

Please notice that there is a newly updated Student Code of Conduct.  This publication represents many hours of work to align our Code with the Board of Education’s policy and expectations for school and athletic conduct.  An updated behavior chart with realistic and easy-to-understand consequences can be found in the publication.  Also, please find a “chain of command” chart, which will be useful when you need to know how to approach an issue or answer any question you might have.

There is much more to share.  We owe our forward motion to a dedicated staff and administration, tirelessly invested Board of Education, BOCES and other partnerships, and quite importantly - the great people of our District.  On behalf of the entire REMSEN CSD Learning Community, we express our gratitude for supporting us in our work.  We are looking forward to a great year.  Thank you for partnering with us to make each day an important one for your student-scholar!


William Crankshaw, Superintendent


Mission Statement

Remsen is a dynamic school community of stakeholders providing diverse, demanding and innovative educational opportunities. Our culture fosters a conscientious desire to learn and achieve to individual potential. Students learn that responsible citizenship comes from critical, determined and sustained effort.”